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Sun, 23 Sep 2001 21:22:22 -0500

>>>> "Peggy" == Peggy Wilkins <mozart@lib.uchicago.edu> writes:

el> sure enough, this one got files under tomorrow also.
el> there is a wrinkle in time.

Peggy> yes, note this:

Peggy>   Last message date: Sun Sep 23 03:19:47 2001
Peggy>   Archived on: Sat Sep 22 22:20:01 2001

Peggy> it would appear that "last message date" is given in UT (aka GMT),
Peggy> while the "archived on" date is given in local time (CDT).  i don't
Peggy> know what the reasons for that are offhand; but i also wouldn't fret
Peggy> about it (especially as i'm the one who would be asked to
Peggy> investigate... :).  it probably has something to do with the way

i promise not to fret.  i can't imagine that it will make a difference in
real life.  i just was surprised by it.

interesting about rcs.

Peggy> pipermail works (pipermail is the archiving agent used by mailman).
Peggy> it's only five hours off of local time (though it will increase to six
Peggy> hours after daylight savings time ends), and i can't see our users
Peggy> getting up in arms about it.  if you follow the links to any of the
Peggy> messages, the date is again local time.  it's only the start and end
Peggy> dates of the archive listing on each archive summary page that seem to
Peggy> be using UT.

Peggy> incidentally, i don't know if you ever pay attention to the times
Peggy> logged in RCS files, but all the change dates are given in UT rather
Peggy> than in local time...  next time you make a change, to an "rcslog" to
Peggy> view your RCS comment, and you should notice this.

Peggy> plw
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